Precautions Coronavirus

Dear customers,

The hair salon will remain open for the time being.

We do however want to make sure that you feel at ease in our salon and therefore we will do everything in our power to guarantee your safety.

To protect the health of our personnel and our customers, we follow the precautions and the advice for hygiene in hair salons, as specified by the RIVM with regards to the coronavirus.

Personnel that experiences any cold- or flu-like symptoms will stay at home. Likewise, we ask customers that experience any such symptoms to cancel their appointment.

We kindly ask everyone that enters the salon to immediately wash their hands at the sink near the bathroom. We will make sure that soap and disposable towels are available.

We take the hygienic precautions very seriously and therefore we make sure that our equipment and salon interior is cleaned frequently and thoroughly. It goes without saying that we wash our hands before and after each appointment and we will be extra cautious regarding our contact with our customers.

Additionally, we will space out our appointments such that thesalon will generally hold fewer people at once.

For the time being, we will not trim or cut beards.

Also, the magazines will not be available for a while, so please bring your own reading material if you want!

Furthermore, we want to urge customers not to bring other individuals to the salon if possible. This way we can make sure that we number of people that are in the salon at once stays as low as possible.

For any updates or adjusted working hours, please visit our Facebook page:

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation!

The team at Coiffure Monique